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Tallulah Grauaug

Women’s national ranking 369 2013 won an under 16s title, under 18s title and numerous doubles titles. Competed in ITF [...]

Chris McLean

My name is Chris McLean, I am 19 years old and I play Rugby Union for Nedlands Rugby Union [...]

Cole Unasa

2 x time Stawell Gift semi-finalist 100m Open State relay gold medalist Winner of $10,000 Stonnington Gift Pro race Winner of $3, 500 [...]

Ashlee Rowe

2015 World Championships Competitor (NZ) 2014 Bronze Medal World Championships (NZ) 6 Medals at Australian National Championships (2010 – 2012) [...]

Todd Skipworth

"The changes in my ability to perform at the highest level have been absolutely incredible. My ability to train [...]

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