• Women’s national ranking 369
  • 2013 won an under 16s title, under 18s title and numerous doubles titles.
  • Competed in ITF tournaments for the first time

My name is Tallulah Grauaug and I’m a 15-year-old junior tennis player. 2013 has been a very successful year for me having won an under 16s title, an under 18s title, and numerous doubles titles. For the first time in my career I travelled to ITF tournaments and my hard work has helped my national ranking improve from 707 to 369.  My dream is to one day become a professional tennis player.

I first went to Body Genius to consult with Steve Hooper (Physiotherapist) with regards to the shoulder pain I was having. Steve performed a detailed functional movement screen (FMS) and specific strength tests. Steve determined that my core and hip strength were poor and that my shoulder muscles were not strong enough (unstable). Steve used a combination of hands on treatments and rehab exercises to alleviate the pain and restore proper function to my body.

During our physiotherapy sessions I learned that the Body Genius Institute also had a Movement Practitioner and Integrative Health Practitioners (IHP). At this time I felt that my current eating habits were not providing me with enough energy on court or allowing me to recover between training sessions. So we moved from shoulder rehab to sports nutrition.

Rob Macpherson (IHP) performed a detailed Health Appraisal while also assessing my weekly training schedule, my seven (7) day food diary, my height, weight, girths and skinfolds to determine my starting point. In the coming months Rob completely changed my thoughts and ideas about sports nutrition and helped me to improve my energy levels, lose body fat, and recover more quickly. I learned what works best for my body and how to listen to the needs of my body on any given day.

I progressed into the BG Movement Coaching program shortly thereafter. This amazing program combines physiotherapy screening, high performance testing, program design, nutritional advice, and one-on-one coaching to enhance my sporting performance. Aaron Taylor, Movement Practitioner heads up this program.

Aaron has helped me to become much stronger and more balanced in my body. His coaching sessions are a combination of strength, agility, power, balance, and fitness. Ceri Pritchard (physiotherapist) has taught me correct stretching and rebalancing exercises, which has helped me to feel better on and off the court. The efforts of Aaron and Ceri and the entire BG team have certainly contributed to my many successes this year, a noticeable difference in my ability to compete with the top players.

The BG program has helped me to become a more responsible athlete. The BG atmosphere is a combination of warmth and caring along with a healthy dose of hard work and support.*

Tallulah Grauaug Tennis

*Results may vary. Weight loss or performance results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.