Sometimes we have to go into the darkness to find the gold and jewels, as all the stuff out in the light has been found… So true in my case!

I was earning my income by working for money instead of doing something I love to do.

I was a 50% owner of an organic supermarket and was also working as a personal training in my home studio,  my main income was from another business that was physically and mentally draining me.

After a decade or so of doing this, my inner-self was sending me clear messages that this had to stop!

Letting go of this income stream brought up a lot of fear surrounding my ability to support myself ( and trusting the universe). At this same time I had a very stressful experience with my work that added some extra anxiety to the situation. All of a sudden my entire body broke out in an extremely red and itchy rash due to the various forms of stress. My skin condition was diagnosed as eczema.

After completing the testing & evaluation process with Rob MacPherson

  • I immediately went on an elimination diet & started an anti fungal protocol.
  • Rob helped me get re-connected with my meaning & purpose for life and supported my unique gifts as a healer.
  • We re-programmed my thought processes through respecting the power of my conscious mind & turned negatives into positives.
  • I used various oils and supplements that Rob recommended

Through working consistently with rob over a period of 12 months, he has helped me to regain the ability to check in with my body in order to make optimal nutritional choices and also to gain clarity on what my life’s purpose truly is.

My skin has almost completely healed. I have tremendous gratitude for Rob and the Body Genius Institute for helping me realise that my skin condition was not some random event or punishment but rather, an opportunity I had created for mental and physical healing.*

*Results may vary. Weight loss or performance results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.