Body Genius Scholarship Program

The Body Genius Institute is committed to helping “Grass-roots” athletes and contributing to the community by offering scholarships to their high performance Movement Coaching program.

Body Genius has created one of the most comprehensive and results-driven coaching programs in the world. The Movement Coaching program was designed specifically for athletes looking to enhance their performance outcomes.

The Movement Coaching program includes

  • Establishing a clear path for success
  • A world-class Athletic Screen (AS)
  • A comprehensive alignment meeting
  • Precise programming that is goal-oriented
  • One on one consultation with one of our Integrative Health Practitioners
    • Health, healing, high performance nutrition, supplementation
  • Access to our Physiotherapists
    • Injury prevention, hands-on therapy, and dry needling
  • Weekly Coaching and Mentoring sessions
  • Regular performance testing and updates
  • The support of a world-class team of health professionals

Think you’d be a good match for our scholarship program?

Body Genius football scholarship

The Movement Coaching program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the client and can be catered to suit athletes of all levels and ages.

Previous scholarship athletes have included competitive rowers, sprinters, and athletes participating in tennis, soccer, lacrosse, golf, AFL, rugby, triathlons, MMA, power-lifting and strongman competitions, cross-fit, and long distance swimming events.

The Body Genius Institute scholarship program is highly competitive each year and successful applicants will need to meet the Body Genius standards:

  • Participation in a competitive sport
  • Kind, caring and generous attitude
  • 100% commitment to the Movement Coaching Program
  • Not receiving funding (sponsorship or other) from any other organization

Anyone interested in applying for the Body Genius Scholarship Program should complete the application form by clicking on the link below. One of our friendly staff members will respond to your request and email you an application form.

Here is what previous scholarship recipients have to say about the Body Genius Institute Scholarship program.

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