Nicole was a 45-year-old mother of three teenaged children and the principal dance teacher and choreographer at Time for Dance.

Nicole was in a lot of pain and was taking Panadol and Nurofen up to four or five doses per day.  She had a back injury (disk bulge) and hot, swollen knees. In addition to her physical issues, Nicole also had vitiligo. These health problems were making it difficult for her to properly run her dance school.

Nicole consulted with Steve at the Body Genius Institute based on the recommendation of her husband who had consulted with Steve as well and benefitted significantly.

In her time working with the Body Genius team, Nicole adjusted her lifestyle, nutrition, and stress to improve her physical pain and vitiligo symptoms by 50%.

“Steve was not focused on my symptoms but rather on finding the underlying factors that were causing my pain. Steve investigated every aspect of my life from my dietary intake, stress levels, workload, sleep patterns, bowel habits, and even what my body craved. Physically he assessed my entire body from head to toe, it was the most thorough assessment I have ever had.

Initially, I was not sure how the changes that he made to my lifestyle were going to help but quickly my pain levels reduced dramatically, I started to sleep well and stopped craving foods that my body did not need.

Steve helped me with time management, allowing me to have time for myself during an extremely busy week. Steve changed the food that I ate, helped correct my posture and my breathing patterns.

Within weeks, I was no longer taking ANY pain relief. My skin, nails, and hair became healthy and strong. My digestion improved dramatically, not to mention that the inflammation within my body was completely gone. As a bonus, I also lost about 10 kgs.

Now, I am pain-free and loving life again as a dance instructor. No pain, no inflammation and I have managed to keep the reduced levels of stress in my life.  I thoroughly enjoy the changes to my diet that keep me feeling fantastic and instead of retiring from the dance industry, I am looking at expanding.”*

*Results may vary. Weight loss or performance results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.