Pro Cyclist

I have competed at an International level from 2002 until the end of 2007 having represented my country at both a Junior and Senior level. My primary focus has been on road cycling and my most satisfying achievement was representing my country at an International level. I have won many races in Europe including the prestigious Grand Prix D’Allemont in the French Alps. I have raced for elite teams in France including Cotes D’Armour Jacques and US Montauban 82.

My cycling career prematurely ended during 2007 as I succumbed to an injury that stopped me competing at the elite level as well as at a domestic level. In late 2008 I was referred to Steve Hooper (Physiotherapist) who has been successful at helping me to continue my sporting journey.

Steve has spent an extensive amount of time helping me to rebalance my body and to correct my movement patterns. He was able to find imbalances and provide treatments such as a dry needling that other therapists couldn’t. And due to his efforts I have now been able to return to my sporting career.

Steve is a great listener and will provide all the support and services required to get any athlete back to competing at their best.

I have met many physicians, doctors, physiotherapists and the like, but Steve Hooper is like no other. Steve provides the best customer service and treatment that a client could want and has earned the reputation ‘Mr. Fix It’ amongst my sporting colleagues. From my own personal experience I can highly recommend Steve to everyone that has a sporting injury, needs nutritional advice, or needs help with their training. His advice and expertise is simply the best.

*Results may vary. Weight loss or performance results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.