Canada Ironman 2015

Catalina Channel Swim – 10 hours 10 minutes

Manhattan 50km Swim – 8 hours 4 minutes

English Channel Swim – 10 hours 34 minutes

Rottnest Channel Swim – 10 Solo Crossings

Rottnest Channel Swim – 3 Duo Crossings

Busselton Ironman 2008 and 2012

Canada Ironman 2010

Melbourne Ironman 2012 and 2013

I am a 32-year-old Pharmacist and an active weekend warrior. I love water and the outdoors and I’m always ready for a bit of an adventure. At the moment I would probably call myself a bit of an endurance junkie with long distance open water swimming and triathlons my current passion!

I was first referred to Steve Hooper (Physiotherapist) at Body Genius by a fellow athlete when I had an ITB injury. My friend told me that Steve was “Mr. Fix-It” and that I should do whatever he says. Steve told me that I needed to modify my training for 6-8 weeks during his treatment process and also gave me some strengthening exercises to do at home. I was unsettled by the prospect of modified training for that long a period of time but I put my trust in Steve and I’m happy that I did. Steve got me to Ironman Canada with 8 weeks riding and 5 weeks running so he won my trust as Mr. Fix-it!

Since then I thought I never wanted to see him again because it might mean more time off. However I have been getting sidetracked with some crazy cold water swims starting with the English Channel, progressing to the Manhattan 50km swim, Catalina swim, and throwing in some Rottnest Channel crossings just for fun.  Of course I got a shoulder injury that was heading down the same path. Following Steve’s advice from our previous sessions, I went in to see him before it got too serious.  With some dry needling and some take away exercises, he got me back on track really fast.

Steve lives up to his reputation as Mr. Fix-it because of his ability to assess the underlying issues and diagnose quickly. His treatment sessions are always in the best interest of the athlete and he’s available at even the most inconvenient times to offer advice and support. I am so grateful to have access to Steve’s knowledge and skills.*

*Results may vary. Weight loss or performance results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.