I’m proud to have been selected as Body Genius’ very first scholarship recipient. I play Australian Rules Football and have the dream of playing in the AFL one day.

My experience at Body Genius has been fantastic. The BG team is highly committed to seeing me succeed and will do whatever it takes to ensure I have the best chance to achieve my goals.

Over the last 1.5 years I have had several injuries. I have relied on both Steve and Andrew (physiotherapists) to help me heal and return to game play in a timely manner. Both are excellent physiotherapists, passionate about their work and committed to finding the best solution for each of their clients. I hate dry needling but must admit that it has helped me heal quickly on more than one occasion.

The entire Performance Coaching (PC) Sport program is outstanding, from start to finish. The Athletic Screen is world class, the corrective exercises show results almost immediately, and the high performance testing session provides a steady stream of baseline scores to keep me on track.

My head coaches (Rob and Aaron) have designed programs aimed at achieving specific target goals. Some phases of my training are aimed more at building muscle mass. Other phases are focused on strength, agility, power or aerobic fitness. With each new phase comes more testing, more programming, and a clear focus for my efforts. I am never left guessing. I either hit the mark with my performance testing or I don’t. One success builds on top of the next and as a result my performance on field has steadily improved.

The program also includes detailed nutritional advice from the BG team. Rest, recovery and quality nutritional habits hold some serious weight with the Body Genius team. These three points are stressed over and over again throughout the course of the program. I was provided with a detailed nutritional plan to follow and advice on supplementation. During our coaching sessions Aaron often reinforces the nutritional plan and ensures that I am on track.

I have been working with the Body Genius team for over a year now and their standard of care, commitment and passion to see me succeed has never waivered. Despite providing a fun and enthusiastic environment at BG, there is always a sense of dedication and professionalism.

I can highly recommend the entire BG team and their services to anyone looking to improve their health, heal their body, or improve their performance.*

*Results may vary. Weight loss or performance results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.