As the name implies, this type of screening aims to evaluate how well a person moves through a wide range of functional movements.

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This type of screening differs from a clinical assessment, which is a more detailed evaluation. A clinical assessment may include:

  • Assessment of range of movement at all major joints in the body
  • Assessment of muscle lengths
  • Palpation of the spinal vertebrae
  • Palpation of soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.
  • Neuro dynamic testing which aims to evaluate the health of the nervous system
  • Evaluation of reflexes, muscular power, and sensation

At the Body Genius Institute, when a client is considered “Clinically Clear” it means they have satisfied all of the basic requirements at the ‘Pain and Dysfunction’ level within the Body Genius Performance Pyramid. This means they are pain-free and dysfunction-free.

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Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is a valuable tool for all athletes and active people who want to increase mobility, improve performance, and boost their flexibility and stability.

Our movement coaches will use FMS to identify your level of mobility using a variety of tests and then will apply your results create a plan to meet your performance goals.

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For the vast majority of people, clinically clear is not good enough. They may be pain free and from a clinical standpoint no longer demonstrating any major restrictions or dysfunctions. But is this an accurate predictor of their ability to safely return to work, activity or sport?

Over 60 years of experience has proven to the Body Genius Team that the answer to this question is no! Clinically clear and ‘functionally’ clear are not the same thing. Taking the next step and testing a client with a Functional Movement Screen is a critical component in their safe return to work, sport or activity.

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Performance Pyramid

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How to perform a Functional Movement Screen?

The Body Genius Institute is proud to offer a comprehensive Athletic Screen that assesses your ability to perform functional movement patterns and will provide you with an individualized risk profile. The Athletic Screen is powered by the scientific backing of the Move2Perform software, which is now used throughout the world by professional teams in a wide range of sporting activities.

 ‘If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing!’

Our world-class Athletic Screen includes

  • Functional Movement Screen®
  • Upper Quarter Y-Balance Testing ®
  • Lower Quarter YBT ®
  • Ankle range of motion testing
  • Functional Hop Testing
  • Sport Specific testing (if required)

movement testing


y testing

FMS Scoring

From the information collected in your functional movement assessment, an individualized risk profile is generated to determine how well your body is moving and to determine your level of injury risk with exercise. This software can even compare your scores against other people of the same age, same gender, participating in the same activity or sport, at the same skill level. How exciting is that!

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  • Identifies individuals who are at risk of injury
  • Allows for evidence-based programming. It’s the only system that has been validated in peer-reviewed literature.
  • Allows for precise, individualized corrective exercises to be implemented
  • Allows for objective re-testing to clearly demonstrate that movement faults have been corrected. Current scores can be compared to previous attempts.
  • Provides a clear decision for return to sport/work/activity
  • Prevents sports injuries using a validated injury prediction algorithm
  • Has the power to provide objective reports

All of our clients fully understand the importance of quality movement and functional ability in relation to both preventing injury and enhancing performance.

Coaches who refer clients to us understand the role this type of testing plays in keeping their athletes participating.

Orthopedic surgeons who refer clients to us have the confidence that our skilled team will not only clear the client from a clinical perspective, but also from a functional perspective as well. They know that their reputation as a surgeon is measured by quality of outcome and that this can be significantly improved through this type of testing and corrective exercise.

Other health professionals refer clients to the Body Genius Institute for risk profiles. They understand that clearing a client clinically is not that same as clearing them functionally. This additional step is critical in the safe return to sport or activity.

Clients who train with our Movement Coaches have the confidence that their individualized training program is both safe and effective.

The Body Genius ‘Athletic Screen’ evaluates the Mobility and Flexibility, Stability, and Strength levels of the Performance Pyramid. For clients who are participating in competitive sport it may be necessary to go one step further and evaluate Fitness, Power/Agility and sport-specific movement patterns.Performance Pyramid

Taking the extra step and assessing functional movement is what sets the Body Genius Institute apart! Our primary goal is to help our clients alleviate pain and dysfunction and return to an active lifestyle.

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