Ranked as the strongest man in the country for the majority of 2012, Daniel Macri has been WA’s Strongest Man for the past five years. Daniel has been competing in strength sports since he was 15, winning three teenage world championships in powerlifting. Many of the world records Daniel set in powerlifting still stand to this day.

Daniel then made the switch to strongman, winning the title of WA’s Strongest Man in his first year of competition. In 2011 Daniel competed in, and placed fourth in the Australia’s Strongest Man competition. In 2012 Daniel made his second attempt at the title of Australia’s Strongest Man, but was derailed by a back injury.

“The Body Genius team has been an integral part of my ability to come back from injury during 2012 and will lead to much greater improvements in the future.

I truly believe that the Physiotherapy treatment and dry needling I have received from Steve Hooper is second to none. He has been able to facilitate the recovery of long-term injuries that many others had failed to fix. He was also able to uncover the source of my back pain after over two years of struggle and put together a multi facet approach that has lead to my back feeling pain free and very strong.

The nutritional and coaching services provided by Body Genius have allowed me to drop over 30kg of body weight while greatly improving my power, explosiveness and overall condition.”*

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