• 2 x time Stawell Gift semi-finalist
  • 100m Open State relay gold medalist
  • Winner of $10,000 Stonnington Gift Pro race
  • Winner of $3, 500 Perth Gift
  • Over $20,000 earned in prize money in Gift running

My name is Cole Unasa and I’m an accomplished Personal Trainer running my own business, ‘Culture Conditioning’. I apply the same principle to my business as I do to my athletic training: A strong work ethic, dedication, enthusiasm and 100% effort.

I’m currently training to qualify for the 100m and 200m sprints at the National Athletic Championships. I am also looking to qualify and represent Samoa in the Oceania Athletic Games in the Cook Islands.

Under the guidance of the Body Genius team anything is possible.  The BG scholarship program has lived up to its reputation offering me expert advice right from the beginning. The BG Athletic Screen was a detailed analysis of my biomechanics and Aaron Taylor was able to provide a detailed strategy to bring my body back into balance.

Aaron established baseline performance values by completing a high intensity ‘Test and Measure’ session. These markers (vertical leap, triple jump, 1 rep max. tests, aerobic fitness, grip strength) have allowed us to compare the success of each individual stage of training.

Aaron has exceptional skills as a Movement Coach. I have learned a lot from him by looking at the way he tests, implements programs, and then retests to ensure performance goals are reached. Aaron is excellent at explaining the meaning behind each exercise and where we are at in the overall plan.

I have already benefited significantly from working with the team at Body Genius.  Aaron’s great attitude and dedication to helping me continuously improve makes him one of the best strength and conditioning coaches around. It’s the little ‘one-percenters’ that show how Aaron and the BG team really care about their clients.

Thanks Aaron and BG for helping me become a stronger athlete and leading me down the path to success.*


Cole Unasa race

*Results may vary. Weight loss or performance results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.