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Todd Skipworth

"The changes in my ability to perform at the highest level have been absolutely incredible. My ability to train at peak intensity and recover completely between sessions has been enhanced immensely by my work [...]

Tarryn Meason

I was feeling depressed, down and I wasn’t enjoying my life. Everything was a struggle. I had very low energy, poor concentration, and brain fog, I was sleeping 12 hours at night and was also [...]

Gus Innes

I’m proud to have been selected as Body Genius’ very first scholarship recipient. I play Australian Rules Football and have the dream of playing in the AFL one day. My experience at Body Genius has [...]


Michelle is a 23-year-old student studying a Masters Degree at University. She was referred to the Body Genius Institute by her Chiropractor for a second opinion on her bilateral shoulder pain. Michelle has always been [...]

José Desfosses

José Desfosses is a unique Australian character. Born in Mauritius in 1950, he migrated to Australia when 15 years old. There he found himself lost in a huge and strange land, unable to understand the [...]

Shirley Capece

By age 9 Shirley was already considered overweight! Throughout her life she continued to struggle with her weight. Between the ages of 30 and 66 she tried 29 different diets and weight loss strategies [...]

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