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16 years of Sciatic Leg Pain Gone in 2 Sessions Case Study 'Andrew' had been suffering from sciatic-like right leg pain for nearly 16 years. It affected his work as a crane operator, his ability [...]

Nicole Leggett

Nicole was a 45-year-old mother of three teenaged children and the principal dance teacher and choreographer at Time for Dance. Nicole was in a lot of pain and was taking Panadol and Nurofen up [...]

Nathan Jones

Pro Cyclist I have competed at an International level from 2002 until the end of 2007 having represented my country at both a Junior and Senior level. My primary focus has been on road cycling [...]

Lisa Delaurentis

Canada Ironman 2015 Catalina Channel Swim – 10 hours 10 minutes Manhattan 50km Swim – 8 hours 4 minutes English Channel Swim – 10 hours 34 minutes Rottnest Channel Swim – 10 Solo Crossings Rottnest [...]

Glenn Ross

Competitive Sprinter Top Level Sprint Coach 1st - 2011 Noble Park 70m Gift 2nd - 2011 Noble Park 120m Gift 2nd - 2011 Euroa 70m Gift 3rd - 2011 Euroa 120m Gift Semi Finalist [...]

Daniel Macri

Ranked as the strongest man in the country for the majority of 2012, Daniel Macri has been WA's Strongest Man for the past five years. Daniel has been competing in strength sports since he was [...]

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