Our goal is to continue to build a world class Institute aimed firmly at changing the way people view health and wellness.


Australia is in need of change when it comes to their concept of health and wellness. Less than 50% of Australian’s are taking responsibility for their own health. Australia now ranks 4th in the world for obesity and even a greater percentage are unwell. On a daily basis Australians are voting for the path they want this country to follow into the future. Each dollar they spend dictates which direction things will go.

These choices (votes) are not being placed wisely and it’s having a real impact on the rest of the country: There is now more processed food in Australia then ever before, farmed fish is now seen as sustainable and healthy, GMO foods are becoming more acceptable, we now have to ask for grass-fed meat, insurance premiums have hit an all-time high, and finding organic food is more difficult than getting Fast Food.

Decisions from the top down are based on economics. If real change is to occur it needs to begin at the ‘grass-roots’ and grow from the ground up. And for this to happen their needs to be a clear strategy to get the message out there and a clear path to help Australians take more responsibility for themselves.

The Body Genius Institute prides itself on its ability to educate and empower its clients. From pain and injuries to weight loss and fitness, our team is exceptional at helping people take responsibility for themselves and to overcome their challenges.

Our dedication to our clients and the community at large will result in a growing body of people who are willing to make intelligent choices towards health and wellness and affect change from the ground up.

This may mean buying only locally produced foods, saying ‘NO’ to GMO foods, asking for wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats, exercising on a daily basis, putting family first and teaching our kids the importance of health, reversing the trend of obesity within Australia and having a real influence on the government and the decisions they make.